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Let ATD Concrete Coatings help you put some life into your commercial pool. We offer a wide range of services for both restoring and beautifying your backyard including pool deck resurfacing, deck repair and coating, to ensure that your elegant pool is freshened up and the outdoor space is significantly improved.

Commercial Pool Deck Resurfacing, Sealing & Coatings

Hotels, apartments, motels, gyms, and other commercial businesses understand the importance of maintaining the appearance and functionality of their facilities. Regular upgrades and repairs are crucial to uphold the high standards and values of any business. In particular, swimming pools need to look great at all times while providing the best non-slip surface for a safe and risk-free experience for customers.

If your pool deck does not meet all the standards and codes, is slippery, or is infested with mold and bacteria on the concrete surface, you can rely on ATD Concrete Coatings. We offer several options to spruce up your swimming pool decking, including pool deck repair, deck coating, and pool deck resurfacing. Your concrete can be re-stained, patched, and cleaned efficiently. We guarantee quality services to elevate your pool to high standards and meet all codes and safety specifications.

Our team at ATD Concrete Coatings uses top-of-the-line materials and the latest techniques to ensure a durable and attractive finish for your pool deck. We understand that downtime can be costly for businesses, so we work swiftly and efficiently to minimize disruption to your operations. Our services not only enhance the aesthetic appeal of your pool area but also significantly improve safety by providing a non-slip surface that reduces the risk of accidents.

Moreover, regular maintenance and timely repairs of your pool deck can extend its lifespan, saving you money in the long run. Investing in professional pool deck resurfacing and coating can prevent further damage and costly replacements down the line. Trust ATD Concrete Coatings to deliver exceptional results that keep your pool area in top condition, ensuring your customers enjoy a safe and pleasant swimming experience.

Resurfacing with deck coating

Resurfacing your old and boring pool deck without the hassle of tearing up the surface can help you spruce up your commercial pool affordably. You can add some color or create a new look with endless possibilities for an attractive swimming pool. Versatile resurfacing products can be applied to most concrete surfaces to add color, texture, and slip resistance. Some systems can also be stamped, allowing you to achieve patterns similar to newly placed stamped concrete.

At ATD Concrete Coatings, we offer a variety of swimming pool deck color choices and patterns, as well as a high-quality coating product to bring back the luster and beauty of your deck. This product blends well with cement and other additives to improve performance, aesthetic qualities, and slip resistance on the existing concrete surface of your pool deck. It is also an easy-to-apply, durable, and cost-effective solution to resurface and rejuvenate your deck. We have used it for several years with great success, and we are confident you will find it exceptionally effective.

Repair and resurface with stamped overlays

Every concrete surface starts with a seamless and continuous stamped texture, resembling natural stone, ashlars, brick borders, cobblestone, and other patterns. If you’re tired of your plain, drab concrete pool deck, we can help. At ATD Concrete Coatings, we repair and resurface worn and broken commercial pool decks with stamped overlays and apply a decorative finish. With multiple colors, patterns, and textures available, you can create a unique and attractive look for your deck. This system offers immense benefits and can be easily customized to complement your business.Whether you want to add more curb appeal to your business’s pool area or need to repair or resurface your deck, concrete stamping has a lot to offer. There are countless designs to choose from, such as cobbles and paving stones, which can significantly enhance the look of your swimming pool deck.


If you represent apartments, motels, or gyms, you understand that maintaining a community swimming area for appearance and safety is very important. One of the best things about ATD Concrete Coatings is their ability to create a slip-resistant surface. With a wide range of colors and designs, be sure to enjoy safe concrete overlays that are functional for your deck and a visibly pleasing entertainment area for your clients. Our coating product has been proven effective to not only repair, but protect and prettify your existing pool deck. The system is designed for commercial and residential purposes, combining durability of the concrete with a versatility of styles, colors and textures to choose from. Whichever commercial industry you are in, if you need to resurface or repair your commercial pool decks, then contact us today and someone will get back to you shortly about your needs. To find out your options, please contact us today for your free estimate.

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