Optimize your industrial spaces with our robust concrete resurfacing services. Our expert solutions enhance both durability and aesthetics, ensuring your floors withstand heavy use. Invest in our services to transform your industrial areas into efficient, high-performing enironments.

Performance, Protection, Functional And Enhancing Flooring Solutions

With over 30 years of expertise in the flooring industry, ATD Concrete Coatings is dedicated to providing expert guidance and solutions for industrial flooring needs. Our extensive experience allows us to offer specialized coating systems tailored to meet the specific challenges faced by industrial environments.

We understand the importance of factors such as chemical resistance, thermo-shock durability, handling high-traffic areas, and withstanding extreme abrasion. Our partnerships with leading manufacturers enable us to provide a wide range of solutions that ensure durability, performance, and longevity for your industrial floors.

Choosing the right flooring for your facility’s need

Every building requires tailored flooring solutions, and ATD Concrete Coatings is dedicated to helping you find the right system for your specific needs. Our team of certified installers specializes in the application of the most recognized resinous floor coating brands. This ensures that each project receives meticulous surface preparation, profiling, and installation processes to achieve optimal results.

ATD Concrete Coatings works with a wide array of Industrial customers including:

With a skilled team experienced in all major coating brands, ATD Concrete Coatings offers comprehensive support to enhance, protect, or ensure compliance with codes for various industries. Our services extend to manufacturing and assembly plants, warehouses, distribution centers, hospitals, schools, automotive facilities, aviation sectors, food and beverage industries, pharmaceutical facilities, institutional buildings, and retail centers.

We specialize in delivering tailored solutions that meet the specific needs of each industry sector. Whether you require enhanced durability, regulatory compliance, or aesthetic improvements, ATD Concrete Coatings is equipped to provide expert guidance and quality installations. Trust us to enhance the functionality and longevity of your facilities with our proven expertise in industrial and commercial flooring solutions.

Choose the right contractor

ATD Concrete Coatings has a proven track record in correcting flooring systems that were incorrectly installed by other contractors. Ensuring you select the right team before investing in protective flooring is essential to avoid costly mistakes and ensure long-term satisfaction. Here are several crucial factors to consider:

Areas we serve

Proudly Serving the DFW Metroplex including
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