Water Proofing

From balconies and terraces, parking garages and bridges, each site has a specific need when it comes to waterproofing. ATD Concrete coatings has dedicated many years in research and testing many products and systems, which allows us to better select what works best for best for each application.

Concrete Waterproofing - Concrete Sealing

Dealing with recurrent repair projects for water-damaged concrete can be incredibly frustrating and costly. Each repair represents an expense that could have been avoided with proper sealing. Unfortunately, many property owners find themselves stuck in this cycle because their concrete surfaces haven’t been adequately protected from water damage.

Effective concrete sealing requires a smart solution and expertise. Without it, the cycle of damage and repair continues, causing stress, wasted time, and financial losses. Truly waterproofing your concrete not only safeguards it from water damage but also protects you from the headaches that come with frequent repairs.

It’s crucial to prioritize sealing concrete that’s at risk of water damage to prevent future issues and ensure long-term durability. Let us help you protect your concrete surfaces effectively—contact us today to learn more about our sealing solutions.

What Happens When Water Gets Into Unsealed Concrete?

Owning a property with concrete surfaces like a basement floor, driveway, or walkway that aren’t waterproofed can lead to significant issues. Water is highly destructive to concrete, capable of causing cracks and deterioration over time. It’s often challenging to identify if concrete needs sealing until signs of moisture and damage appear. Even with attempts to seal, water can penetrate through air capillaries formed during concrete drying, further damaging the surface.

Effective sealing involves closing these capillaries with a strong, durable sealant that withstands water penetration. It’s crucial to have sealing done professionally to ensure it’s applied correctly. Addressing waterproofing concerns promptly can protect your concrete from water damage and extend its lifespan.

The Frustrating Search for an Effective Solution

Finding a reliable concrete expert can be challenging, as is identifying the best concrete sealant. Many sealants on the market are ineffective, either lacking sufficient water resistance or failing to last over time. This can lead to concrete damage if not addressed properly. Some contractors may not prioritize finding the right solutions or lack the expertise needed for proper sealing, exacerbating issues like water damage.

When water penetrates concrete and creates pathways, it opens the door for further damage from factors like ice and weeds, hastening deterioration. However, there’s good news—property owners now have options to protect their concrete surfaces effectively. In the Dallas-Fort Worth area, ATD Concrete Coatings offers solutions for truly waterproofing concrete, ensuring lasting protection and peace of mind.

Our Waterproof Concrete Sealant System Makes Life Easier

We use a special cement-based rubberized membrane for our concrete sealing system, designed to provide exceptional protection against water damage by effectively preventing water infiltration. What sets our system apart is not only its superior performance and durability but also its ability to maintain the aesthetic appeal of your concrete surfaces. You can still enjoy a variety of decorative coatings without compromising on protection.

Additionally, we offer elastomer applications that are perfect for projects needing high elongation rates. These applications not only prevent cracks and gaps but also ensure a strong, watertight seal, enhancing the longevity and resilience of your concrete surfaces.

Protect Your Concrete and Your Property

Water damage to concrete surfaces can cause significant issues beyond mere surface damage, impacting the overall integrity of your property and leading to increased expenses and frustrations. Protecting your concrete from water damage is crucial to maintaining its longevity and structural integrity.

At ATD Concrete Coatings, we understand the importance of properly sealing concrete from the outset. Our waterproofing solutions are designed to prevent water infiltration effectively, saving you considerable expenses that would otherwise be incurred in repairing damage over time. Trust us to safeguard your concrete surfaces and preserve their condition for years to come.

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