Sidewalks & Breezeways

If you have a walkway that is cracked, trip hazardous or has come of age, then you need some repair and resurfacing to give it an appealing look and a true reflection of your business. With our tools, knowledge and precision, such a task can be accomplished quickly and easily and bring back your walkway to life.

Walkway & Breezeway Repair & Resurfacing

Maintaining high-quality sidewalks is crucial for any business environment, whether it’s a commercial shopping center, apartment complex, hotel, or business tower. Well-maintained sidewalks not only enhance safety but also play a significant role in shaping the overall perception of your business. Ensuring sidewalks are in top condition is essential to mitigate liability risks associated with injuries caused by damaged or poorly maintained walkways.

The appearance of your sidewalks directly influences the impression clients form about your business. From the sidewalks to the parking lot, every concrete surface contributes to the overall aesthetic appeal and professionalism of your business. Keeping sidewalks well-maintained reflects positively on your business’s commitment to quality and care.

ATD Concrete Coatings specializes in commercial sidewalk repair, resurfacing, and restoration. Our services are designed to improve the overall look of your business premises and enhance customer perception.

Stamped overlay system

At ATD Concrete Coatings, we specialize in transforming your existing concrete surfaces with our stamped overlays system, offering the perfect solution to enhance the beauty of your commercial sidewalks and breezeways. With years of experience, we’ve earned a reputation for skilled craftsmanship and meticulous attention to detail, ensuring that you and your customers will admire the results.

Our stamped overlay system provides a durable and attractive finish, enhancing the value and appeal of your sidewalks and breezeways. With decades of expertise in concrete repair and resurfacing across North Texas, we pride ourselves on delivering luxurious finishes that meet the aesthetic needs of businesses like apartments, hotels, and motels.

Classic Texture system

Our classic texture system offers an array of features that significantly enhance the appearance of your sidewalk with unique and decorative elements. Safety is paramount for any sidewalk, and our system excels with its slip-resistant properties. Moreover, the classic texture system is highly versatile and exceptionally durable, capable of withstanding heavy traffic conditions. Over the years, we have successfully installed this system in numerous businesses, demonstrating its effectiveness across various climatic conditions.

When it comes to walkway repair services using our classic texture system, we prioritize decorative finishes that enhance the concrete surface. Our team is committed to completing projects efficiently and promptly, ensuring your sidewalk not only looks appealing but also meets functional requirements with enhanced safety features.

Sidewalk acid staining

Acid concrete staining offers an excellent solution for enhancing the appearance of your surface area to complement your business’s theme, color scheme, and overall design. This versatile system provides numerous options that can breathe new life into a dull sidewalk, making it more visually appealing.

Our range of stains includes various options, each with unique characteristics suitable for any commercial business environment. The eco-friendly nature of our acid stain system ensures that your concrete surface achieves the desired aesthetic without compromising environmental standards. The stains penetrate the surface effectively, enhancing its natural texture and providing long-lasting color.

Choose from a wide array of acid stain designs to beautify your business and seamlessly match existing color schemes. Whether you prefer earthy tones that mimic natural stone or vibrant hues that align with your branding, our stains offer versatility and customization to meet your specific preferences.

At ATD Concrete Coatings, we specialize in delivering high-quality results that exceed expectations. Our team is dedicated to transforming your sidewalk into an attractive feature that enhances the overall appeal and professionalism of your business environment. Contact us today to explore how our acid staining services can elevate your commercial property with beauty and durability. Let us help you create sidewalks that leave a lasting impression on your clients and visitors alike.

Tuscan system
This offers an authentic, unique beauty, able to turn your old business walkway concrete surface into a luxurious and warm space. Tuscan also offers the ability to achieve deeper textures and patterns and may be an ideal solution for your walkway surface.

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