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Flooring in some facilities, must be outstandingly durable to withstand the type of abuse to which it’s prone in such locations. Since most types of floors simply aren’t tough enough to take the high amount of wear and chemical exposure they’ll meet with in these environments, the only option is a floor coating of some kind.

Epoxy Concrete Floor Coating - Industrial Epoxy Flooring

Flooring in laboratories, industrial plants, and similar environments must endure significant wear and exposure to chemicals, requiring exceptional durability. Ordinary flooring options often fall short, necessitating frequent replacement or the use of industrial epoxy concrete floor coatings. Epoxy coatings have emerged as the preferred solution due to their unparalleled durability and cost-effectiveness.

The robust nature of industrial epoxy flooring has garnered favor among owners of chemical plants, laboratories, residential garages, warehouses, and food and beverage facilities. It instantly enhances safety, simplifies maintenance, improves aesthetics, and provides superior resistance against harsh chemicals. However, applying epoxy coatings is a specialized task that demands professional expertise. Amateur installations can lead to disastrous outcomes, including wasted time, money, and unnecessary hassle.

Choosing a trusted expert ensures you reap the full benefits of epoxy concrete flooring while avoiding potential pitfalls. Whether you’re seeking to upgrade your facility’s flooring for enhanced durability and functionality, or to improve the overall aesthetic appeal, professional installation guarantees optimal results and long-term performance. Trusting an experienced team like ATD Concrete Coatings ensures your epoxy flooring project is executed seamlessly, delivering durability, safety, and cost-efficiency tailored to your specific needs.

What is Epoxy Coating?

Epoxy coatings find application across a diverse range of surfaces beyond just concrete floors. They are primarily chosen to impart resistance against water, acids, and alkalis. A typical epoxy coating consists of two parts: the hardener and the resin, with the balance between these components crucial for achieving desired performance characteristics.

Epoxy concrete floor coatings are renowned for creating exceptionally durable and chemical-resistant surfaces, making them ideal for high-demand environments. The hardness of these surfaces precludes their application on wood floors, as it is tailored specifically for concrete substrates.

Top 7 Benefits of Epoxy Concrete Floor Coating

Easily create various work zones


Epoxy floor coatings are available in a wide array of colors, allowing for easy designation of different work zones based on floor color. This versatility ensures that each zone receives a floor tough enough to withstand the specific demands of its activities.

Boost productivity while lowing costs

An industrial epoxy floor minimizes wear on transport vehicles like forklifts, potentially saving warehouses and factories significant costs while enhancing the efficiency of material movement.

Do your part in protecting the environment

For those looking for a flooring material that combines durability with environmental friendliness, epoxy concrete floor coating is an ideal choice.

Enjoy a fast flooring application process

When time is critical, epoxy floor coating is an excellent choice due to its quick application process, delivering lasting and aesthetically pleasing results while minimizing downtime.

Save money on flooring

The durable surface produced by epoxy coating lasts for many years, making it a highly cost-effective flooring system. With low maintenance costs, it offers substantial savings compared to most other types of floors.

Improve safety levels

Epoxy floor coating is ideal when time is crucial, as it can be applied quickly, delivering enduring and aesthetically pleasing results while minimizing downtime.

Save money on flooring

The long-lasting durability of epoxy coatings creates highly cost-effective flooring systems that endure for many years. With minimal maintenance costs, this type of flooring saves significantly more than most other floor options.

Here's What It Takes to Install Industrial Epoxy Flooring

The advantages of a concrete epoxy coated floor are substantial, yet achieving flawless results during application requires precise execution at every stage. This necessitates the expertise of experienced professionals, such as the dedicated team at ATD Concrete Coatings.

Issues with epoxy coatings can stem from improper installation practices, including inadequate surface preparation, failure to protect against humidity, insufficient substrate strength, incorrect primer usage or omission, inadequate cleaning of the existing cement floor, improper mixing of hardener and resin, and more.

At ATD Concrete Coatings, we prioritize meticulous care to deliver our customers with durable and aesthetically pleasing industrial epoxy floors. Contact us today to ensure your project is completed correctly from the outset.

For further details on our services and to explore your options, please reach out to us today for a complimentary estimate.

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